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We sell a large selection of Fossils, Mineral specimens, Petrified Wood, Fossil Replicas, Cultural Artifacts, and other decorative products. We obtain specimens from around the world and can provide unique and interesting items at a low cost, serving the novice, serious collector, and curator. Here's a brief rundown of what we have to offer:

Fossils: We sell authentic fossilized plant and animal specimens from all over the globe. We also have fossil replicas available, be sure to check out that page as well.

Minerals: MANY different mineral samples from precious metals to stunning crystals and more. Browse our mineral index, listed alphabetically.

Petrified Wood: Petrified, or Fossil Wood, is wood that has turned into stone thanks to minerals seeping into the wood cell structure over time.

Statues and Carving: Bronze, wood, and stone statues from exotic locations around the world. Also, see our collection of decorative hand carved wood items.

Meteorites: We sell individual pieces of authentic meteorites as well as handsome display pieces complete with informational material in a beautiful framed case.

Shells: Various kinds of sea shells. See our shells page for more information.

Flats: We carry several sizes of fossil/mineral flats at unbeatable prices.

Books: We have various educational material, including reprints of famous masterpieces, educational guides, and more.

Brain Cast: Produced here in our workshop, each endocast has superb detail, and are actual size. captured from the original; molds we've made from the inside of the actual skull

Decorative Items: We sell unique cultural artifacts from around the world. Some of these include pictures, masks, pottery, and much much more.

Tumbled Stone: Perfect for beginner collectors, miniature rock gardens, fish tanks, or just something nice to look at in the home or office. No two are exactly alike!

And MUCH more...


Browse through these pages to see sample pictures of our stock. If you don't see an item you are looking for just ask - we may have it or can obtain it.

Have fun looking through the links on the Right or find out more about our business.  Our business is over the internet year round and in mall locations in the eastern United States through various months of the year. We also appear at shows world wide. 

Check out the locations and times where you can find us.