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CRINOIDS.Crinoids or "sea lilies" are an ancient sea creature closely related to starfish.  Their skeleton was comprised of a root-like structure attached to a stem made up of many disc shaped plates called columnals.  At the top of the stem was the head or calyx which the arms, or tentacle like structures, of the crinoid were attached.  These arms were used to filter food out of the water.  After death, most crinoids skeleton would fall apart leaving behind only the columnals and small plates that made up the calyx.  Complete specimens of crinoids are a rare find.
CRINOID, SCYPHOCRINITES.Crinoids (Scyphocrinites REF# L038
  • Devonian Age, Morocco
  • Price Range: $30.00 to $150.00 each
  • Also available: Crinoid stems from Texas.  Ask for details.



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