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The MOSASAURUS were giant swimmingMOSASAURUS, CRETACEOUS AGE. lizards that lived the same time as the TYRANNOSAURUS REX during the CRETACEOUS PERIOD. MOSASAURUS were the greatest hunters of the CRETACEOUS seas, having powerful jaws that were lined with sharp teeth used to pierce the shells of AMMONITES (common shellfish of the time). They had broad webbed paddles and a strong flattened tail that was used for swimming. Our specimens  were collected in MOROCCO.


Mosasaur Jaw in Matrix  REF# L116

  • Cretaceous Age
  • Morocco
  • Price: $40.00


Mosasaur Tooth and Tooth with Root  REF# L117

  • A terrific price for this specimen!
  • Price starting at $10.00


Mosasaur Single Tooth with root in Matrix  REF# L118

  • Price: $25.00


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