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WHITE RIVER BADLANDS, OLIGOCENE.  ORODON MAMMAL.The specimens shown below are all from the White River Badlands which spreads across Nebraska, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Colorado. Fossils from this formation were first documented in 1847 and since then have produced a multitude of diverse fossilized species. The age of the White River Badlands  fossils that we carry are Oligocene (+35 million years); at that time the climate and appearance was very similar to that of the present day African savannas.  Oreodons  are sometimes referred to as "ruminating hogs".  They bear a resemblance between the ruminants (cud chewing animals) and the suilline pachyderms (pig-like thick skinned animals). The Oreodons were confined entirely to North and Central America and it is not entirely known why they didn't migrate across the Bering land bridge into Asia. One theory is that they were unable to withstand the cooler climates of the area near the land bridge.


  • (1) Bone Sections $2.00 each
  • (2) Complete Leg bones $30.00
  • (3) Partial Skull Ask for prices and availability
  • (4) Brain case with fossilized brain! Rare! Only $60.00
  • This specimen has excellent detail of the exposed brain. Not an imprint on the skull cap, but the actual brain itself was fossilized.
  • (5) Jaw Sections $3.00 to $20.00


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