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Treasures of the Earth Ltd. produces and sells fossil replicas for three reasons:

  • Because of rarity of some fossils (i.e. maybe only one original exists worldwide).

  • Exporting or importing museum quality skeletons presents difficult regulatory problems.

  • Buying replicas helps support the collection work of Museums world wide.


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Triceratops ArmorTriceratops Armor   REF# REP001
  • Come in Wooden Frame as Pictured
  • Size: 127 cm X 84 cm
  • Price: $350.00


Infant Stegodon MaxillaInfant Stegodon Maxilla   REF# REP002
  • Length - 60 cm
  • Asia
  • Price: $430.00


Stegodon Lower JawStegodon Lower Jaw   REF# REP003
  • Size: 76 cm X 61 cm
  • Asia
  • Price: $400.00

Stegosaur Spike ReplicaStegosaur Spike   REF# REP004
  • Replica
  • Length - 84 cm
  • Price: $200.00


HADROSAUR.The TSINTAOSAURUS is one of the first dinosaurs ever to be displayed in China and is the only giant HADROSAUR with a vertical bony projection or spike on the top of its head. This spike is particularly odd because, unlike other crested HADROSAURUS, the spike projects forward and up, just like the legendary unicorn. This reproduction was taken from the one and only original specimen. This specimen is approximately 27 feet long, from head to tail and stands just over 10 feet high at the hips. It is complete with custom made iron supports and base and is easy to assemble. The base of the mount measures 114"x69".

Tsintaosaurus  REF# REP007

  • Diet - grass, fruit, twigs, pine needles and seeds.

  • Size - Up to 33 feet long.

  • Geographic Distribution - Asia (China).

  • Specimen Origin - China (Beijing Natural History Museum).

  • Age - Cretaceous

  • Price: $55,000.


Tsintaosaurus Skull  REF# REP043

  • Information Listed Above

  • Price: $4,000.00





Top View

Bottom View


Trionyx  REF# REP009

  • Display size: 79"x71" Both sides available

  • Age - Eocene Age

  • Specimen Origin - Green River Formation, Wyoming, USA.

  • Habitat - Shallow water, near lakes and rivers.

  • Geographic Distribution - Africa, Asia, North America.

  • Price: $1800.00 each.


Saber-Tooth Tiger Replica  REF# REP010                   
(Smilodon fatalis)
  • Pleistocene Age
  • La Brae Tar Pits, Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A
    Price:  $400.00




Monolophosaurus  REF# REP011
(Single Crested Lizard)
Similar to the North American Allosaurus

  • Age - Jurassic Age
  • Size - 25 to 30 feet long
  • Diet - meat
  • Domain - lowland savannas
  • Specimen Origin - Northern China
  • This replica is designed to simulate a disarticulated skeleton in matrix.

  • Replica Size:  191 cm X 274 cm

  • Skull length:    25 inches

  • Price:  $6500.00

MONOLOPHOSAURUS BONES.  Bones are labeled for identification.


Australopithecus Afarensis   REF# REP012
Human Footprint
  • Pliocene Age - 3.5 Million Years Old
  • Laetoli, Tanzania
  • Size: 66 cm X 38 cm
  • Price: $165.00


Camarasaurus Skull  REF# REP087

  • Jurassic Age

  • Morrison Formation

  • Utah, USA

  • Price: $2,500.00




Cervalces                                        REF# REP017
The Great American Stag Moose
Cervalces Scotti
  • Size: 183 cm X 122 cm
  • Price: $5000.00


The extinct American Stag-Moose, Cervalces scotti, was an important species of Great Ice Age Megafauna. This fantastic cervid lived with other extinct giants like Mammoths, Mastodons, Ground Sloths, Long Horn Bison, Sabre-Toothed Cats, and Short-Faced bears. Unfortunately, due to its rarity, Cervalces has not received the attention that it deserves in North American museum exhibits. Thus, the existence of this once great North American deer has gone virtually unnoticed.

The original fossil specimen from which this cast was made belonged to a large, robust individual. It was collected in 1980 in Warren Co., New Jersey, and has been Radiocarbon dated 11,230 years old. Only two complete skeletons of this extremely rare Elk-Moose exist. The second existing specimen is a bit smaller, more delicately built, and is housed off exhibit at Princeton University.

This magnificent reproduction of the skull of Cervalces scotti is complete with antlers, and is the only one of its type available. One can appreciate both the complicated and extravagant arrangement of the antler tines in this unique cervid giant. This faithful reproduction measures approximately 76 (W) x 49 (L) inches and is made with removable antlers.




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