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Fossil and Other Replica Index



Below is a list of Specific Fiberglass Replicas that we offer. Click on the name to see the replica.

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Australopithecus Afarensis (Human Footprint) Monolophosaurus Skull
Beluga Whale Fin Monolophosaurus
Beluga Whale Skull (Fetal) NEW Mosasaur Paddle NEW
Commersons Leaf Nosed Bat Narwhal Tusk
Hammer Headed Bat Narwhal Tusk (Right) NEW
Mexican Long Tongued Bat Neanderthal Panel
Vampire Bat Notelops
Camarasaurus Skull Placoderm NEW
Cervalces (The Great American Stag Moose) Placoderm Panel NEW
Chilotherium Skull (Fossil Rhino) NEW Plesiosaur
Crinoids NEW Proconsul Skull
Crinoid NEW 2010 Pterosaur Quetzalcoatlus
Crocodile Scute NEW 2010 Saber Tooth Tiger (Smilodon fatalis)
Crocodile (Fossil) Sinokannemeyeria
Crocodile (Recent) NEW Sperm Whale Tooth NEW
Dental Set Santa Barbara Statue
Dimetrodon Spider Fossil NEW
Dimetrodon Skull NEW Statue Head NEW
Dinictis Fossil Cat Stegodon
Dolphin Flipper Infant Stegodon Maxilla
Dragon Skull Stegodon Lower Jaw
Dyrosaurus Phosphaticua Stegodon Tusk
Early Amphibian NEW Stegosaur Spike
Elasmosaurus Skull Taung Child Skull
Elephant Skull Triceratops Armor
Elephant Jaw Trilobite Dalminites Perdue
Giant Ground Sloth Skeleton NEW Trilobite Isotelus
Ground Sloth Femur Trinil Stone NEW
Hadrosaur NEW Tryonix (Soft Turtle Shell)
Hongshanosaurus Skull Tsintaosaurus
Horseshoe Crab Tsintaosaurus Skull
Ichthyosaur Tyrannosaurus Rex Egg w/ Embryo NEW
Lepidotes Maximus (Big Fish) Tyrannosaurus Rex Juvenile Skeleton NEW
Lystrosaurus NEW Tyrannosaurus Rex Maxilla with Rib
Mastodon Foot Venus of Willendorf NEW
Mastodon Molar Whale (Fin) Vertebrae - Atlas NEW
Megalodon Jaw Whale (Blue) Vertebrae - Cervical NEW
Minkie Whale Skull (fetal) Whale (Blue) Vertebrae - Lumbar NEW
Minkie Whale Skull Woolly Mammoth Tooth NEW
Mixosaurus Maotaiensis Paddle NEW Woolly Rhinoceros Skull
Mixosaurus Maotaiensis NEW Woolly Rhinoceros Skeleton